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Paddle the Grand Canyon

A Grand Canyon paddle rafting trip is the ultimate way for you to participate in traversing the Canyon. Six paddlers power the boat and a guide steers from the stern, definitely a team effort. The self-bailing paddle boat is smaller than the oar boats providing quick response and an unmatched ride. Since it carries no camp gear or metal frame, only the day's few necessities, it is the "sports car" of the river.

Paddle Rafting in the Grand CanyonAll of our paddle boats feature the latest in whitewater rafting technology. We run only self-bailing Avon Expeditions, custom designed for Outdoors Unlimited for use in the Grand Canyon.

A single paddle boat is available on most scheduled trips at a nominal extra cost for the first six people who reserve it. OU also offers eight special all-paddle trips. Paddling is physically demanding and not for everyone.  Our minimum age is 14 with a minimum height of five feet three inches. If you live an active lifestyle and enjoy new challenges you should seriously consider this adventurous option.

All-Paddle Trips

Our highly popular specialty paddle trips put you together with other active enthusiasts in four fast, sporty, comfortable paddle rafts. All gear and food is on the baggage boats to maximize your safety, comfort and maneuverability. If you desire maximum participation join one of our eight high-energy all-paddle trips. Each is scheduled during the seasonal high water periods to maximize adventure and minimize flatwater paddling. Both the full trip and the partial trip options are available.

Start planning your All-Paddle Grand Canyon Rafting Trip today by visiting Trip Dates & Rates or calling 1-800-637-RAFT.

Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting with Outdoors Unlimited

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