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The Upper Grand Canyon (Lee's Ferry)

5-7 Day White Water Rafting Trip from Lee's Ferry to Phantom Ranch

This 5-, 6-, or 7-day white water rafting trip of the upper Grand Canyon covers 88 miles of river from Lee's Ferry to Phantom Ranch (Pipe Creek Beach) and the ascent to the South Rim. The night before the trip begins we meet you for an orientation meeting at Marble Canyon Lodge. Overnight accommodations are recommended and can be arranged by OU. The trip leaves Lees Ferry and floats into Marble Canyon named in 1869 by its first explorer, Major John Wesley Powell. It's polished limestone, layered with bands of sandstones and siltstones rises dramatically above the river with each mile passed, soaring thousands of feet to the rim. This same seemingly impervious limestone has allowed the river to scoop out the huge expanse of Red Wall Cavern at the river's edge, one of the many attractions in this stretch.

North Canyon Pool photo

Underground springs gush from the fern-covered rock at Vasey's Paradise and side streams carve bowl-like pools at Silver Grotto, Saddle, and North Canyons. Nautilus fossils are readily viewed in the streambed of Nautiloid Canyon and ancient Anasazi granaries await the hiker high above the river at Nankoweap. Prehistoric Native American sites are spread throughout the Canyon and this section features many of the larger sites found along the river.

The sequence of rapids through this 88-mile float couldn't be better orchestrated. Beginning with the medium sized (Canyon Scale!) Badger, House Rock and Unkar rapids, the crescendo begins with Nevills rapid then builds quickly with Hance (the longest) and Sockdolager. Amplified by the imposing walls of the Upper Granite Gorge the grand finale hits its high notes at Grapevine and Zoroaster rapids, and the last few miles finish with a quiet serenade.

The final destination point for the river portion of this trip is the Pipe Creek Beach, one mile below Phantom Ranch, where the Bright Angel Trail meets the river. Upon arrival we will provide a hikers lunch for you to pack as you prepare for the hike out on the Bright Angel Trail to the South Rim. (See "Hiking the Bright Angel Trail").

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One Trip Per Year Rule

Due to limited availability, the National Park Service has limited use in the popular Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek section of the Colorado River to one recreational river trip per individual each calendar year. Because of this regulation, Outdoors Unlimited cannot accept a reservation from any individual who has or will participate in any other full or partial canyon commercial or non-commercial river trip within the same calendar year. If you have already completed or have plans to participate in any other Grand Canyon river trip this year and would like to go again, please respect your fellow boaters by waiting until next year or sometime thereafter to book your next trip. Grand Canyon National Park’s one-trip-per-year rule is strictly enforced.


Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting with Outdoors Unlimited

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