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Spring & Fall Extended Grand Canyon Trips

Tanner Beach photoSpring is a special time in the desert and the Grand Canyon is no exception. These trips are designed to take advantage of the color and beauty of the blossoming desert plants. Wildflowers and carpets of seasonal green grasses spread up the slopes of the canyon walls. It is a particularly beautiful time to be in the canyon.

September marks the arrival of Indian Summer in the Grand Canyon. The days are still warm enough to enjoy the river and the nights comfortably balmy. Conditions are optimal for longer side hikes and there are fewer visitors to the canyon since school is back in session.

15-Day Full Grand Canyon Trips

Outdoors Unlimited offers extended 15-day trips specifically designed for those who desire a slower pace. These trips are two days longer than our regular summer schedule and feature a more leisurely pace with in-depth exploration at selected attraction sites. The temperatures are cooler; ideal for passengers who might be uncomfortable in the desert summer heat. Many of our older customers feel this is the ideal time to experience the canyon. These trips are limited to 18 people with a paddle option available.

Upper 7-Day / Lower 9-Day Partial Trips

Side Hiking on the Grand Canyon

For those passengers who are unable to spend the full 15 days in the canyon, we offer an upper trip length of seven days and a lower trip length of nine days duration concentrating on the many hiking and exploring opportunities within the heart of the canyon. Each will feature unique hikes to seldom visited locations, side canyons, vistas, and waterfalls. They will be offered in the cooler parts of the season while there is still plentiful daylight and they will be limited to 18 passengers maximum with paddle boat options available. We will be doing more hiking on lesser used trails as time permits so proper preparation for this more active trip is a must. The extra days on each segment will provide us with the necessary time to do a more in-depth exploration while still taking some of the classic side hikes. We are looking forward to running these trips they are going to be a great adventure!

Start planning your Extended Grand Canyon Rafting Trip today by visiting Trip Dates & Rates or calling 1-800-637-RAFT.

One Trip Per Year Rule

Due to limited availability, the National Park Service has limited use in the popular Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek section of the Colorado River to one recreational river trip per individual each calendar year. Because of this regulation, Outdoors Unlimited cannot accept a reservation from any individual who has or will participate in any other full or partial canyon commercial or non-commercial river trip within the same calendar year. If you have already completed or have plans to participate in any other Grand Canyon river trip this year and would like to go again, please respect your fellow boaters by waiting until next year or sometime thereafter to book your next trip. Grand Canyon National Park’s one-trip-per-year rule is strictly enforced.


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