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Rafting the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Sunset on an OU rafting tripRafting the Grand Canyon offers a phenomenal variety of vistas, camps, waterfalls, rapids, side canyons, archaeological ruins, and other attraction sites to enjoy and explore. Allowing time to visit these places is the essence of every Outdoors Unlimited Grand Canyon Rafting trip. Our paddle and oar powered whitewater trips take a minimum of 13 days to traverse all 240 miles of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park down to Lake Mead. Recognizing that you may not have time to do a Full Canyon Trip we offer the opportunity to do either the Upper Canyon or Lower Canyon. We also offer Paddle Trip options as well as Extended Spring & Fall trips.

The distance each trip option covers is constant, the time we take is the variable. We believe longer is better but offer you the option of 5, 6, or 7 days on the upper trip; 8 or 9 days on the lower trip; and 13, 14, or 15 days on the full trip.

Since our schedule for rafting the Grand Canyon spans a six month period of time, we are also able to offer  some seasonal choices. A trip in April can find the bottom of the canyon alive with color during the annual spring blooming of desert flowers. Both April and September offer cooler temperatures and a more leisurely pace with slightly longer trips. September often features the best weather of the year and is probably the best for hiking. Mid season dates are available for those with summer vacation time. We can also offer a way to accommodate the style of boating that you prefer and your level of adventure with our paddle or oar options.

rafting the grand canyonOur crew will guide you through the booming rapids, lead explorations into hidden canyons and explain about the lives of the "ancient ones" who made the Grand Canyon their home. As we contemplate the remains of their ancient dwellings we can imagine the struggle these pre-historic Americans endured. For a thousand years they roamed the Canyon, carving farm plots from rocky niches, hunting game on the rims above, building simple shelters from the elements.

The outside world knew virtually nothing of this place until 1869, when John Wesley Powell led the first exploration of this uncharted marvel, surveying the last remaining blank on the map of the United States. Now it is an experience that is available to all. Where hardships were first endured, we can now enjoy the Canyon in safety and comfort that is afforded by modern equipment and years of experience.

Trip Facts

  • Trip Size: 21 guests maximum (All-paddle trips: 24)
  • Minimum Age: 10 years old (oar); 14 years old (paddle)
  • Number per Boat: 5 Guests per oar raft, 6 guests per paddle raft
  • Trip Lengths: Full Grand Canyon (280 miles), Upper Canyon (88 miles), and the Lower Canyon (192 miles).
  • The Rapids: 70 named rapids and numerous unnamed riffles.

Start Planning Your Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

To start planning your Grand Canyon whitewater rafting adventure vacation, please visit the Grand Canyon Trip Options page. If you already know which Grand Canyon trip you wish to join, then you can begin the reservation process by visiting Dates & Rates.

One Trip Per Year Rule

Due to limited availability, the National Park Service has limited use in the popular Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek section of the Colorado River to one recreational river trip per individual each calendar year. Because of this regulation, Outdoors Unlimited cannot accept a reservation from any individual who has or will participate in any other full or partial canyon commercial or non-commercial river trip within the same calendar year. If you have already completed or have plans to participate in any other Grand Canyon river trip this year and would like to go again, please respect your fellow boaters by waiting until next year or sometime thereafter to book your next trip. Grand Canyon National Park’s one-trip-per-year rule is strictly enforced.

Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting with Outdoors Unlimited

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